January 15, 2019

My, oh my, oh my, where has the time gone. It literally felt like just the other week I was procrastinating over college research papers and deadlines. My life was feeling the pressure… of being “ready” for the world. But what does that even really mean? Because as much as I glorified my older siblings for looking like they had their shit together in their 20’s, I soon believed that was not so much the case…

I swooned at the grand idea that, as the people person that I am, it would be easy to get started with the photography career I always dreamt of, capturing life’s meaningful moments for others. Ha! I’ve been putting it off for about 9 months now, terrified of what might become of it when people started booking me. My excuse this time? I’ve been waiting to hear back from my dream job as a flight attendant. But, it’s been a few months, time has officially run out for my excuses to warrant my lazy choices.

My least favorite friend, anxiety is always there, when I least need them. But isn’t that just how life is? When life really starts to feel good, something happens and wrecks the rhythm that you’re constantly recreating for yourself? Ugh. So here’s this blog, open for the public if people can find it. My aim is to drag out my insecurities and start being open, especially with myself.